their life together

It’s almost been a year since his proposal, her last post, and 6 months since they wed. A combination of writer’s block and processing overload, alongside of a new last name, snowballing transition and a home free from internet has left her beloved blog on the back burner. However, a new adventure has spurred on curiosity about how to make this space, theirs.

The following is a brief update on their life together, and their what abouts to come:

Two became one.


She had her dream wedding party in a barn.


He didn’t dance.


They spun around and around in circles.


Beachin’ on the ‘moon, they were chillin’, breezin’, sippin’ and singin’.

IMG_7986    IMG_7889IMG_7955

She moved to Houston, where she vowed she’d never live. It grew on her.

They ate as many meals as possible for free,


played, ventured and explored on a dime.


Life as they knew before, became simplified with board games every night,


and laundromat dating every week.


Lessons were learned a many traveling with a group of youth.

IMG_8485.JPG   IMG_8929.JPG

Moving from one small little home to another small little home,

they aspired to become repurposing gurus.


She started seminary, practiced life with babies,

IMG_9350.JPG   IMG_9263

and landed a pro-fesh part time job at a counseling center.


He ga-ga’d ball,


Hunted varmints and continued to woot and toot.


They laughed, cried, pouted and partied, argued, dreamt, prayed and planned.

And just when they began to get comfortable with their idea of the next five years, a phone call, a fall to the knees, long late nights of talking and praying, a few trips to New Braunfels, dreams of mission and ministry and leaps into the unknown kept them surrendered and trusting the One in control.

He revealed, made a way, and obedience beckoned their next step. To follow was to say goodbye, to entrust the Shepherd with His flock, to pack up their home, load up a trailer, and move.

In obedience, they followed, in following, they moved.

They moved to the place where sixteen years ago, she met Jesus… where each summer He wooed her, reminded her and rescued her… where He revealed in her the depravity within she didn’t dare imagine was there… and where He redeemed her with the lavishness of His grace abounding.

They moved to the place where God met him after his darkest hours… where He gave him a second chance… among relationships extending the greatest grace, to those who believed in the man he could become… where the gospel became real to them both.

In following, they returned to a place they call home, to a place where they met, fell in love and got engaged.

They returned to camp.


They’ve joined an adventure, and can’t wait to see how He keeps them uncomfortable.

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