who she is


A beloved companion, chosen, by grace, through faith and for God’s glory as one who comes alongside inspiring others to be-loved by Christ by cultivating the hope and grace of Him who leaves no remnants of shame.

Alive with the brokenhearted. Intrigued by adventure. Fit in cowboy boots. Creative with a paintbrush. Content in the kitchen. Wondered by words. Energized by Lattes. Playful at heart. Deep by nature. Gifted in weakness. Aspiring to be fit. Complete among wildflowers. In search for the soul. Freedom seeking.  Small town lovin’.

I am her.

One of her goals for 2012 was to begin a blog that would be a testament of the redemption of her soul through Jesus Christ, the mountains He’s moved in her life, and how He continues to rescue her with His promises. As a testament, she prayed those who stumble across these words would themselves be inspired by the love of Christ through the cultivation of the hope and grace of Him who leaves no remnant of shame.

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