in her belovedness


In Her Belovedness


She is loved. She is known. She is heard.

She is pure. She is innocent. She is blameless.

She is beauty. She is grace. She is delightful.

She is accepted. She is wanted. She is chosen.


What has been done to her.

What she has done.





What people think.

What she thinks.


Her history.


Her hurts.

Where she is.

Where she wants to be.


She fears. She hides. She doubts. She cries.

She hopes. She dreams. She longs. She wishes.

She falls. She strives. She runs. She tries.

She loves. She hears. She knows. She cares.


Paid for. Washed clean. Made right. Redeemed.

Rescued. Complete. Found whole. Freed.

Saved. Proved genuine. Faithful. Righteous.

Reconciled. Justified. Perfected. Alive.


Believing. Receiving.

Trusting. Obeying.

Delighting. Abiding.

Hoping. Waiting.


Healing hearts.

Making miracles.

Lighting life.

Moving mountains.


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